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The Only Alien on the Planet - BOOK REVIEW


You know what is worse than an overrated book?
An underrated book.

The Only Alien on the Planet falls into the latter category. It is a quiet book that has been burdened with a lack-lustre cover.
If you are a Book-Cover-loving-fiend like me, you would spare a glance for this dry book languishing upon a YA Shelf at the bookstore, sniff disdainfully at what you would assume to be another soppy, schmaltzy piece of vamp-lit and walk away.

I did just that. Well, almost. I did read the blurb and I also read the “WHAT READERS ARE SAYING” section printed at the back. It was filled with effusive praise. I turned the book over and stared at the cover again. Really? This one?? I kept it back on the shelf and came home. But a quiver of curiosity had me looking up the book on Goodreads. And the feedback and reviews were brimming with kind words. I went back, bought the book and read it in exactly two sittings.
And all I have to say is,




The plot revolves around a girl called Ginny beginning her senior year in a new school. Faced with the inevitable grouse of fitting in, making a niche for herself and generally carrying around a load of teenage woes, she also happens to spot a beautiful boy in her class.
Yes, yes….I was a bit alarmed there. We all remember the time a sad sap of a girl from Forks noticed “the most beautiful boy in the world” and spawned a saga of glittering night-creatures and a series of books that set feminism back by decades and made me want to gnaw my own arm off.

Could this be a repeat?

Luckily, no.

The beautiful boy in question here is a quiet (completely human) boy called Smitty Tibbs. And when I say quiet, I mean he hasn’t spoken a word. Ever. He never smiles. He never frowns. He never cries. But he is also brilliant. Labelled *The Alien*, he is one of the great mysteries in Ginny’s brand new world. Ginny is happy to give him a wide berth but new friends with the best (and misguided) intentions slowly bring Ginny into Smitty’s orbit.

The novel is a precise, beautiful, heartbreaking and yet, soul-healing tale of discovering what lies behind the frozen facade of Smitty Tibbs. To say another more would trivialize the experience.


Just please, everybody, go read the book.

The Fault in Our Stars - MOVIE REVIEW

'Apparently the world is not a wish-granting factor'

And at that point, every viewer with a modicum of heart and soul came apart like a badly wound up ball of wool.

#tfios sigh

I finally got a chance to watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and while I am not sobbing my eyes out, I did tear up.

A little bit.

Okay, a lot.

Despite having read John Green's acclaimed novel and being thoroughly prepared for all the spoilers, the emotional upheaval is inevitable. The plotline is fresh, the romance is endearing and the twist just breaks your heart.

Shailene Woodley with her V for Vendetta’s Natalie Portmanesque haircut brings Hazel Grace to life. Her dry depression over her terminal illness, her sarcastic observations on life and even her occasional girlish loverlorn giggles sit comfortably with each other without jarring the viewer’s sensibilities.

Nat Wolff as Isaac is the perfect sidekick. Plucked straight out of an 80’s John Hughes movie, he provides the much-needed chuckles and that one throat-clogging moment of gravitas which makes him an extremely likeable third lead.

And then there is the glorious Augustus Waters. Augustus Waters, with his metaphors and his easy charm and his eagerness to please and his heartbreaking “I lit up like a Christmas tree" line is everything that compels a teenage girl to curl up and sniffle desolately in a corner. Ansel Elgort is the perfect Gus. Saying anything more would be a travesty.

And then there are JOHN GREEN’s highly quotable lines. This is the kind of stuff that graces many a hand-written journal.

I leave you with:




Awww Augustus #tfios #okay #movie


The eulogy #tfios






I love the person who made this.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) - BOOK REVIEW

When I completed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was brimming with a host of positive emotions. I wanted to be brave and honourable like Aragorn, wily and wise like Gandalf, unflinchingly loyal like Samwise Gamgee and humble in the face of the biggest burdens and accolades like Frodo. I believed that Good would conquer Evil, kingdoms could dwell in peace after a prolonged war and everyone could have a happy (or atleast, satisfactory) ending to their individual stories.

And then, I started reading A Game of Thrones


And this is what I have learnt at the end of 800 pages:

Q: Are you an honorable man?
A: Yes.
Aftermath: You die.

Q: Are you an evil, manipulative scum of the universe with an unhealthy bit of sadism and incest thrown into the cesspool of your depraved mind?
A: Yes.
Aftermath: You live. For a long, long time. And have the added bonus of killing every decent soul that exists.

(AND I have it on good authority that this sets the trend for the rest of the series)


I love the writing. Make no mistake on that ground. It is, in equal places, lyrical yet hard-hitting. The world-building is amazing and the host of ever-expanding characters are easy to remember and follow. The basic premise of political intrigue set in medieval times is well-etched and engaging with it’s soap operaesque twists and turns. If you are a first-timer in the world of Westeros, the shock value is high and thrilling in it’s suddenness. Add to that, George R.R.Martin's gift to deliver epic lines and memorable quotes, and I would have been a happy camper.

But. But. BUT.BUT.

No character is happy. No, seriously. The good guys are burdened with discontent, tension and fear. They are either being tirelessly cautious or blatantly foolhardy in their decisions. The bad guys are noxious. They are out to snark, manipulate, deceive, back-stab, rape, plunder, maim and generally act like a bunch of primadonna douchebags.

This is not my cup of tea. So much negativity, unwavering Machiavellian plotting, incestuous asides and gratuitous sexual romps leave me cold. And no, it is NOT because "WINTER IS COMING". This line started out with a powerfully grim resonance but slowly lost it’s potency. On irritation levels, it competed with dreary Daenerys’ "I AM THE BLOOD OF THE DRAGON"rant. If I hear that overrated snit of a girl say that line once more, I will be unleashing some mythical beasts of my own.

For me, a book has always been about the characters. So here is a quick summary on how I feel about some of the people in this book:

*EDDARD STARK* Yes, yes….I love the fact that you are an honourable patriarch with decency running through your manly veins. But if you decide to investigate the murder of your predecessor, then, for the love of the Old Gods and New, you don’t go blaring about it to all and sundry!!! And definitely not to people who expressly tell you NOT to trust them. 



*CATELYN STARK* I don’t care what anybody says. She started it.



*ROBB STARK* Hello there, young wolf. Also, *rowrr*



*SANSA STARK* Stop talking. Stop Talking NOW.



*ARYA STARK* The one person who makes it all worthwhile



*CERSEI* Vile, vile woman. Oddly powerful and scary in her self-assurance.



*KHAL DROGO* Pure perfection. Pure, animal perfection.




</b> Why is this character so popular? What was her biggest achievement? That she was forced into marriage with a supposedly brutal warlord? (Who, for the record, turned out to be a real sweetie). That she had to copulate with aforementioned Mr.SexyPants? (Oh, boo-hoo. I got a man who is dynamite in bed. Poor me.) That the idiot girl got to lord it over the rest of a hardworking tribe who was catering to her every whim and fancy? (Shut up, Dany. You don’t even go here.) That she friendzoned BUT regularly sent out wrong signals to a loyal, devoted Ser Jorah Mormont? (RUN, JORAH. RUNNNN!) That she kept fondling some dragon eggs that finally cracked out of sheer frustration? (I hope they rebel against “mommy”)
Yeah, no. I fail to see the Dany adulation.



*JON SNOW*  Okay, I like you. I do. Rather adorable with his cross to bear and innate need to do the right thing.



*VARYS and LITTLEFINGER* Softly, softly, catchee monkey.



and finally,

*TYRION LANNISTER* Best character.Ever. Tyrion Lannister is probably the true hero in this series. With his brains, wit, bravado, concealed fear, brash tongue, mental hurts and a streak of kindness, Tyrion is undeniably amazing.



In conclusion, the first instalment in this legendary series is powerfully written. But, going my personal tastes, I shall desist from buying the rest of the books.

Till then, there’s always the HBO Drama to keep me entertained.

A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 - BOOK REVIEW


"You know nothing, Jon Snow" 
And (note to self), after completing this graphic novel, I know nothing either.

Using a graphic novel as a gateway drug into the rich and multi-layered world of Westeros wasn’t a very smart move. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am marginally aware of all the characters and their traits (courtesy my friends, the Game of Thrones wiki and the innumerable memes and fan homages), I would have been well and truly lost. The artwork is a bit sketchy (Gods, what a dreadful and unintended pun). The facial features of most of the characters tend to be drawn rather similarly and it becomes difficult to keep a track as to who is who and why he is doing what he is doing. 

But YES,Khal Drogo stands out. In all his glory.
I would expect nothing less for the mighty horse lord.

The ending of the graphic novel coincides with the ending of Episode 3 of Season 1 of the HBO drama. So you can imagine my justifiable feelings of being shortchanged.

I fully intend to go back to the original works by the mighty (and grr….but you are mean!) neckbeard, Mr.George R.R.Martin and explore the Seven Kingdoms in the long drawn out, time honoured fashion.

Harry Potter's Character Development

  • Books 1-3:Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
  • Books 4-7:Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.






Oh god guys. JK Rowling is a genius, and so is this person.

the thing I love about this fandom is that there are 7 books and 8 movies to observe. so every once in a while some blessed soul finds a piece of information that makes all the magic resurface again

Mind. Blown. 

Oh Lord…it’s a metaphor too. It’s symbolic of Neville holding on to his past, the horrors of what happened to his parents, of being a passive vessel for that atrocity. As if the terrible thing kept happening and would never stop happening. 

When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges. 

Reblogging this again because it got better

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Oh god guys. JK Rowling is a genius, and so is this person.

the thing I love about this fandom is that there are 7 books and 8 movies to observe. so every once in a while some blessed soul finds a piece of information that makes all the magic resurface again

Mind. Blown. 

Oh Lord…it’s a metaphor too. It’s symbolic of Neville holding on to his past, the horrors of what happened to his parents, of being a passive vessel for that atrocity. As if the terrible thing kept happening and would never stop happening. 
When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges. 

Reblogging this again because it got better

How to Train Your Dragon 2 

What happened in the sequel:

~ Puberty was kind to our young viking, HICCUP
~ TOOTHLESS is still the most awesome pet dragon to hit the big screen. He can go from being the revered and much feared Night Fury to “scratch-my-belly-I’m just a big puppy in dragonhide” mode in the blink of an eye. (I love you, Toothless).
~ I adore gruff Viking fathers with soft hearts. Especially when said Viking fathers are voiced by Gerard Butler.
~ Cate Blanchett (or to be precise, her voice) makes an appearance (all’s well when Galadriel is around)
~ Sheep play a crucial role. 
~ DRAGONS. So many dragons. Dragons in jewel tones. Spiky dragons. Doozy and lazy dragons. Cross-eyed baby dragons. Enormous Godzilla-esque dragons. So many delightful dragons. Daenerys Targaryen would have wept with joy. 
And in 3D, It’s one helluva trip.
~ A superb cast with quirks of their own, a rather grim villain in dreadlocks and a retelling of the time-honoured lesson that Love conquers All.

In conclusion, I laughed out loud, cried a bit behind my 3D glasses and broke out in awestruck goosebumps during an epic finish. 
And yes, I wish Toothless belonged to me. 

Go watch it, people.


City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) - BOOK REVIEW



And he’s doing just that.

Sebastian Morgenstern has risen to power. Dark demonic power. He is indestructible, wields the Infernal Cup with sadistic glee and is forcibly turning Shadowhunters into an army of Endarkened warriors. He wants to watch the world burn. 

And he wants to hold Clary’s hand as he does so. 

The only thing that can stop Sebastian is Heavenly Fire. And said fire is currently coursing through Jace Lightwood’s veins. This fire could be the only salvation of the world. But how can it be used? And at what cost?

As the Dark War intensifies, it is upto Jace, Clary, Alec, Izzy and Simon to step into a realm of Hell in a last ditch effort to save the world. Love, despair, sinking hope lie heavy on their collective shoulders as they face monsters, both real and illusory. Will they ever return from this demon dimension? Will things ever be the same again? Or will they have to make sacrifices that prove to be too excruciating to bear? 

All this and much more in a resoundingly fat and fabulous conclusion to the The Mortal Instruments series.

Dear Sweet Lord, Divine Angels and otherworldly creatures, where do I even begin?!?

The book is 725 pages strong and an unabashed tribute to the fans as Cassandra Clare tries to tie up all the loose ends and still leave a little knot at the end for a spin-off series (but more about that later). 
It has taken me three afternoons, a sizeable number of MARS bars and a little but rather painful welt on my stomach (the book is heavy!) to finish this engaging mammoth of a book. And I come away a little teary-eyed and yet, content.

For at the end of the day, it has always been about the three main pairs for me:

*JACE AND CLARY*: Book 5 ended with golden boy Jace Wayland literally having golden fire running through him. Although it makes a pretty sight, it does put a dampener on Jace’s love-life. Jace can’t get hot and heavy with Clary because too much excitement might just turn Clary into a well-done shish kebab.This of course doesn’t digress from the fact that the lovesome twosome indulge in some Lord Byronesque lines and a bit more (oh, yes…be prepared. Jace was. In Hell. Enough said).Clary Fray is getting things done. Being the only person that her creepy (also, despotic and incestuous with a side order of psycho-in-da-hood) brother desires means that she has her work cut out. Carving runes, saving lives and making cliffhanger decisions are all in a day’s work for this young lady. Together, the duo are tolerable and readable.

*ALEC AND MAGNUS BANE*: Okay, yes, I have always been more emotionally invested in Alec and Magnus’s relationship than that of Jace and Clary. Don’t get me wrong. I like Jace and Clary but I stopped worrying about the "will they-won’t they" factor in their coupling around two books back. Alec and Magnus, though? Now there’s a sweet ship that has dodged one too many icebergs. Alec is stronger here with an emotionally well-defined presence. His character is no longer just a shadow to Jace’s brazen go-getter persona. Instead, he comes across as a person with a broken heart but a hardened will and the burning desire to set things right.Magnus is a delight, as always. World-weary, lovestruck, diplomatic, witty and sparkly as ever. Their story made me tear up a bit and reach surreptitiously for a tissue. Okay, two tissues.

*SIMON AND ISABELLE*: I LOVE SIMON. I have adored Simon from Book 1 and have and will always root for him. He has been the character that has stayed true through the entire series. His nerdy beginnings, his unrequited love for Clary, his misadventures as a vampire, the added burden of being a Daylighter and the bearer of the Mark of Cain, his transformation into a reliable warrior and always, ALWAYS, his unstinting loyalty and friendship to Clary have made Simon utterly likeable. I would have been very very angry if Simon would have been relegated to the friendzone with no recompense. But then there was the glorious Isabelle Lightwood. Fiery, beautiful and brave Izzy who hides a wealth of emotions behind a sexy facade was the perfect foil for a confused yet intuitive Simon. The pair have some great moments in this instalment. Add to that the heart-wrenching twist in their tale, and the Simon-Izzy shippers can be assured of a tumultuous track.


Running parallel but strongly intertwined with the main storyline are a couple of old, really old and fresh pairings: 

Maia the werewolf, works her way through her troubled heart and 
the worrisome Downworlder politics. 

Brother Zachariah returns. And how! Loyal followers of THE INFERNAL DEVICES will have a sweet and sentimental surprise in store for them.

And please say a BIG HELLO to the tale of a pair of 12 year olds,Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, the victims of an unholy war. Emma is a headstrong character with a thirst for revenge and Julian just breaks your heart with his blend of vulnerability and forced responsibility. The author has effectively laid the foundation for a brand new series surrounding these two well etched youngsters and I for one, am definitely looking forward to it.


The series has a climax, a post-climax and an informative epilogue. And I never scrunched up eyebrows in frustration even once. The elements of war, supposed peace, courage, deceit, magic, hope, treachery and the one element that moves us all : LOVE needed a magnum opus to encompass them all.

And Cassandra Clare did just that. With complete dedication.

(All ARTWORK has been taken from Pinterest.com)


When Elsa was us.

In which Elsa is us

Came across something beautiful on Pinterest.

(Source : imgfave.com via Leigh Carruth)

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past Poster

For people who are unaware of the X-Men franchise and are watching the flick as a way to while away a summer day, they may be all “who-the? what-the?!? why-the!?!?”. But dear uninitiated people, you will be richer for the experience.

For people who are aware with every molecule of their beings about the awesomeness that is the X-Men franchise, this instalment is like a choir of smug mutants singing Hallelujah to each and every one of you.

First of all, HUGH JACKMAN reprising his role as WOLVERINE.
I would like to exaggerate here and say that my 3D Glasses fogged up whenever Jackman appeared on the screen. 
Wolverine is ripped like a tank, ticked off and most definitely NOT taking crap from anyone. It shows. I saw. Oh, I SAW.

Other key moments,
~ Spectacular prison break scene. I was cheering internally. And also, externally.
~ Special shoutout to QUICKSILVER (Evan Peters). Damn, this guy was good. Best lines, best moves and probably the best standalone sequence in the movie. Marvel Studios, this guy deserves a movie of his own.
~ Ellen Page as KITTY PRYDE. Juno gets stuff done.
~ The bromance of CHARLES XAVIER and MAGNETO. Or to be more precise, the bromance of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. These two illustrious men are what good cinema and long-lasting friendships are all about.
~ A movie choc-a-bloc with all our favourite mutants. I can’t mention names because I would be veering into spoiler territory. But, yes, it’s a geeky paradise.
~ Michael Fassbender being Michael Fassbender looking like Michael Fassbender in a Giorgio Armani advert. A 70s Fassbender, but a Fassbender nevertheless.
~ Jennifer Lawrence being sweetly confused about her loyalties as MYSTIQUE but never veering from the fact that she can kick some serious a**.
~The adorable Nicholas Hoult as the sweet tempered blue BEAST. He is such an empathetic presence. I love you, you shy geeky sweet man.
~ Tyrion Lannister, sorry, PETER DINKLAGE, ladies and gentleman. Enough said.
~ Ian McKellen having a Gandalf-esque “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” moment. That just made me sentimental.
~ Spectacular action sequences, mechanical villains with a Transformers complex and SPFX to make you see stars. 
~ Stellar soundtrack. *need to download*
~ Stellar Hugh Jackman *need to hug*

I am a lover of MARVEL. I am a lover of the X-Men and all their powers and all their vulnerabilities. 
And yes, I worship Hugh Jackman. 
So yes, I give this movie a resounding thumbs-up.

And yes, wait till the credits are over.

Not Another Happy Ending (Book Review)

Not Another Happy Ending

Self-doubting thomasina, Jane Lockhart, is a debut author. And she is facing rejections galore. But finally, her angst-ridden novel seems to have caught the eye of Tom Duval, volatile owner of independent (and sinking) publishing house: Tristesse Books. After many long sessions of brutal editing and verbal foreplay, Jane’s book is published and she earns the double victory of critical acclaim and mainstream approval. 
Oh, and she bumped uglies with dashing Tom Duval along the way. 

But then Duval had to go and commit (in Jane’s eyes) a heinous error and they parted ways. Jane still has a two-book contract with Tristesse Books. And Duval’s crumbling financial future rests on Jane delivering her second book on time. She, however, has a bad case of Writer’s Block; a block brought about by Jane’s newfound happiness. Jane is by nature, an auteur misérable, who can only allow her pen to metaphorically bleed (or her laptop to sadly clack, as the case may be) when she is filled with misery, despair and melancholy. And so, Duval comes up with a fiendish set of ploys to deliver a sour helping of just that to Jane. 
After all,
Miserable Jane = Finished Book = Duval laughing all the way to the bank.

And so, like the best laid plans of rude Frenchmen and ruddy-cheeked Scottish schoolteachers, the plot proceeds with hits and misses.

The book has a broad indie/ hipster vibe running through it, from Jane Lockhart’s penchant for bowler hats to Tom Duval’s snobbish disdain for mainstream cinema to the selection of literary Glasgow as a setting for the book. I loved Tom Duval’s character. A grumpy and erudite Frenchman who gives up the sun and leggy filles of St.Tropez for the bleak, rain-soaked romanticism of Glasgow and it’s red-headed lasses is a joy to read. As the book is a novelization of the 2013 rom-com movie by the same name, it’s easy to place Stanley Weber’s gorgeous face in the character of Tom Duval. 

I wish I could say the same for Jane Lockhart’s character. I just didn’t “get” Jane Lockhart. Yep, that’s the word. Okay yes, for lovers of Zooey Deschanel’s yes-I-rock-a-lot-of-polka-dots school of thought, Jane may be a quirky and likeable character. But for me, she came across as angsty for the sake of being angsty without actually redeeming her writer temperament. This is ofcourse no reflection on Karen Gillan who plays Jane in the movie. Because, let’s face it, the doctor’s companion will always be impeccable:

My second favourite character (after Duval) was his cherubic roommate, Roddy. Roddy is the perfect sidekick. I had the best laughs when Tom and Ruddy were making a Mission Impossible sized hash of their quest to make Jane miserable.

In all, I was sufficiently hooked to finish the book in a day but not enamored enough to give it a second read. 

Hurray for hottie Tom Duval, ofcourse.
Because, erm:

And yes, I will watch the movie, because hello-ooo,look at the filtered perfection:

Ending the review with a passage that stayed with me:

'You don't have to be miserable to write. See, this is a problem created by male poets standing on cliffs staring into the middle distance and perpetuated by novelists whose emotional intelligence is as pared down as their prose. You don't have to wrestle your inner demons to produce great work, you can just as easily be sitting next to a warm fire with a nice cup of tea.'

You write because you have to, because it gnaws away at your insides if you try to ignore it, because if you don’t write you might as well be dead. Because nothing else can make you so mad, so frustrated, so happy, and yes, so miserable. Usually all at the same time.

I can vouch for that.

The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3) - BOOK REVIEW

If a book compels me to be brave…if a book makes me yearn for courage and a steely will…if a book makes me wish that I were a shield maiden taking on a Witch-King….if a book makes me imagine the satisfying clink of a gleaming sword as I draw it from it’s sheath…if a book makes tears stream down my face…if a book makes me believe that yes, even the smallest, most unexpected person can change the course of history….if a book can break my heart, renew my spirit and make me believe in a brighter day….IF a book does all this and much much more for me, then I am glad that I have read such a book.

The Return of the King was everything that I wanted it to be.The Lord of The Rings series reaches a climactic crescendo with it’s final instalment. The story hikes down two parallel lanes : Frodo and Sam trudging along wearily towards Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and Aragorn leading the good people of Middle-Earth against a massive attack by Sauron and his dark forces. As the two storylines coincide, we are assured of an ending of epic proportions. 

There are so many factors at work here that make me, the reader, vicariously proud: Frodo’s gentle nature torn asunder by his unbearable burden, Samwise Gamgee’s loyalty and indomitable spirit, Merry and Pippin’s newfound courage and bravery, King Théoden’s last regal stand, Éowyn’s legendary blow in the face of male chauvinism, Gandalf’s *excuse-me-but-I-am-the-White-Wizard-and-I-will-save-the-day-if-I-want-to* steady presence, Gimli and Legolas' quiet but unflinching support, good and kind Faramir finally receiving his just reward and last but not the least….

King Aragorn 


Can I just take a juvenile moment here to reiterate the fact that I.LOVE.ARAGORN.

Everytime he makes an appearance,


I can pen an entirely separate review just gushing about Aragorn.

The man, I tell you! 
I have never loved a fictional hero more.

He defends the weak, he empathizes with the hopeless, he gives the weary courage, he swings his sword with style, he friendzones with grace, he heals the wounded, he leads dead armies into battle, he leads live armies into battle, I am quite sure that he makes all the straight rugged men in Middle-Earth fall deeply in love with him, he waits forever for his true love and stays true to her and finally, he puts the K in King. 

(And can I just add here that Viggo Mortenson took the role of Aragorn, gathered up my throbbing ovaries and totally plunged me over the edge)


Coming back to the book, it was a perfect tying up of events. I can say with complete pride and utter conviction that yes, I love Middle-Earth, I love the inhabitants of Middle-Earth and I absolutely and completely love the “hot-damn-but-he’s-fi-iine" King Aragorn.

The entire series made me want to be a better, nobler and kinder person. And if a book does that for me, it’s work is never done. This chest-crusher of a series will forever enjoy a spot on my bookshelf.


I give you my favourite moments:


- Pippin’s vow to Denethor and Gondor, The Return of the King, Book V, Minas Tirith



The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings



Then Aragorn said: ‘The hour is come at last. Now I go to Pelargir upon Anduin, and ye shall come after me. And when all this land is clean of the servants of Sauron, I will hold the oath fulfilled, and ye shall have peace and depart for ever. For I am Elessar, Isildur’s heir of Gondor.’

The Art of Matt Stawicki  www.mattstawicki.com



And then all the host of Rohan burst into song, and they sang as they slew, for the joy of battle was on them, and the sound of their singing that was fair and terrible came even to the City.    - King Théoden’s Battlecry, The Return of the King, Book V, The Ride of the Rohirrim  Charge of the Rohirrim in TRotK; Youtube



 ”But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Éomund’s daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.”

But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Éomund’s daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.



- Of the Rohirrim after Théoden’s death, The Return of the King, Book V, The Battle of the Pelennor fields



The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known.

LotR 30 day challenge day 8: Best use of magic or supernatural gifts. Aragorn's healing powers don't get a lot of attention in the films, in fact I don't think you really see them at all until the final film. It's a shame, and I wish we had seen him healing Faramir instead of/as well as Eowyn, because that part of the book was amazing.



Suddenly Faramir stirred, and he opened his eyes, and he looked on Aragorn who bent over him; and a light of knowledge and love was kindled in his eyes, and he spoke softly. ‘My lord, you called me. I come. What does the king command?

'Walk no more in the shadows, but awake!' said Aragorn. 'You are weary. Rest a while, and take food, and be ready when I return.

'I will, lord,' said Faramir. 'For who would lie idle when the king has returned?'

Aragorn used athelas three times in the narrative: first, to treat the wound inflicted on Frodo by the Witch-king with a Morgul-blade, second to tend the wounds of Sam and Frodo after the Fellowship's escape from Moria, and third to heal Éowyn, Faramir, and Merry of the effects of the Black Breath after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. The last, in light of the folklore of Gondor, generated rumors that a King had returned to Gondor.



There was never a love triangle. Never any doubt of which one Aragorn loved.



And word went through the City: ‘The King is come again indeed.’

The crownless again shall be king #TheLordOfTheRings #TheReturnOfTheKing #Aragorn



'But Aragorn halted and cried with a great voice: “Now come! By the Black Stone I call you!” And suddenly the Shadow Host that had hung back at the last came up like a grey tide, sweeping all away before it.

Aragorn | Aragorn-and-the-Army-of-the-Dead



Legolas about Aragorn, The Return of the King, Book V, The Last Debate



"Oft hope is born when all is forlorn" J.R.R. Tolkien



'Other evils there are that may come; for Sauron is himself but a servant or emissary. Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.'

      ~ GANDALF



'We have not the Ring. In wisdom or great folly it has been sent away to be destroyed, lest it destroy us. Without it we cannot by force defeat his force, But we must at all costs keep his Eye from his true peril. We cannot achieve victory by arms, but by arms we can give the Ring-bearer his only chance, frail though it be.'

You think your movie scene is epic? Think again old chap, terribly sorry to prove you wrong.



'So that was the job I felt I had to do when I started,' thought Sam: 'to help Mr.Frodo to the last step and then die with him? Well, if that is the job then I must do it. But I would dearly like to see Bywater again, and Rosie Cotton.'

If I ever was to marry someone .. it would have been her. It would have been her. - Samwise Gamgee #lotr #hobbits



'Come, Mr.Frodo!' he cried. 'I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well.'

Samwise Gamgee is just amazing. He is so caring, loyal and brave. Even though he's scared he goes right to the end and never gives up. Even when Frodo tells him to go home, he follows him. When Frodo can't go on walking, he carries him up Mount Doom. He is so Kind and true to his name, wise. He inspires me every day.



'I have come,' he said. 'But I do not choose now to do what I came to do. I will not do this deed. The Ring is mine!'

O NO FRODO DROP IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam's face.....*crying........and frodo's obsession face.... NOOOOOOOOOOO



Just do it



Frodo and Sam. I choke up every time.Ever. Single. Time.



'The realm of Sauron is ended! said Gandalf. 'The Ring-bearer has fulfilled his Quest.'

That slight change in expression when they realize that Frodo and Sam may be dead... MY HEART HURTS :'(————-


…and down swept Gwaihir, and down came Landroval and Meneldor the swift; and in a dream, not knowing what fate had befallen them, the wanderers were lifted up and borne far away out of the darkness and fire.



Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West,

for your King shall come again,

and he shall dwell among you

all the days of your life.

Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)



Eowyn and Faramir.  This part in the book just slays me



Elendil’s Oath spoken by Aragorn (sung in the film), The Return of the King ... “Out of the Great Sea on the wings to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.” Musical version sung by Viggo Mortensen.

And those were the words that Elendil spoke when he came up out of the Sea on the wings of the wind: ‘Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.



Then Frodo came forward and took the crown from Faramir and bore it to Gandalf; and Aragorn knelt, and Gandalf set the White Crown upon his head, 

The coronation of Aragorn  <3  @Delaney McMaster

and said:

now come the days of the King! May they be blessed



Then the King welcomed his guests, and they alighted; and Elrond surrendered his sceptre, and laid the hand of his daughter in the hand of the King, and together they went up into the High City, and all the stars flowered in the sky. 

And Aragorn the King Elessar wedded Arwen Undomiel in the City of the Kings upon the day of Midsummer, 

“And it came to pass that in the hour of defeat Aragorn came up from the sea and unfurled the standard of Arwen in the battle of the fields of Pelennor, and in that day he was first hailed as king. And at last when all was done he entered into the inheritance of his fathers and received the crown of Gondor and the Sceptre of Arnor; and at midsummer in the year of the Fall of Sauron he took the hand of Arwen Undomiel, and they were wedded in the city of the kings.”

and the tale of their long waiting and labours was come to fulfilment.

Aragorn and Arwen <3



'No niggard are you, Eomer,' said Aragorn, 'to give thus to Gondor the fairest thing in your realm!

Then Eowyn looked in the eyes of Aragorn, and she said: ‘Wish me joy, my liege-lord and healer!

And he answered: ‘I have wished thee joy ever since I first saw thee. It heals my heart to see thee now in bliss.’

Aragorn and Arwen, I'm happy for y'all and I'ma let y'all finish, but Eowyn and Faramir make the best romantic couple in the whole book. The whole book!



Sam was silent, deep in his memories. Presently he became aware that Frodo was singing softly to himself, singing the old walking-song, but the words were not quite the same.

Tolkien Quote





-  Gandalf to Sam, Merry and Pippin, The Return of the King, Book VI, The Grey Havens